Fashion Academy

Duvessa is a Fashion school for Nigerians and Sub-Sahara Africans, that offer a six months Basic and Advanced Fashion training program for Youths, School leavers, Graduates, Workers/Executives and Retirees. At Duvessa Fashion Academy, young talents find the expertise, know-how and experience to become professionals in this rewarding field. And no other design school can compare to Duvessa Fashion Academy.

Unique and revolutionary in its approach, dedicated to educating graduates with the confidence and conviction required to lead in the fashion industry. Extensive training with attention to detail and refinement offers our students multiple and diverse job opportunities within the realm of the fashion world. Not only creatively but also intellectually. This distinguished experience is only available to a gifted few who are chosen for their creative flair, passion and talent.

Our program keeps evolving along with fashion itself: First, our close ties to the Industry let us immerse you in what’s happening now in this fast changing field. And our own brand of fashion education nurtures your creativity while providing a rigorous grounding in the practical and technical skills needed for career success, exposing you to the real demands and practices of the fashion industry.

Admission Procedure
The Academy strives to steer students to the defined design and fashion profile. We look out for talented, intelligent, ambitious students who are prepared to put their best efforts to build a fulfilling career. We nurture young people with all-round abilities who sow the energy, the potential and the commitment to be the industry captains of tomorrow. So when we are assessing you, we will be particularly evaluating your career focus, your creative and aesthetic sense, your level of commitment and energy, your potential as a team member, your ability to handle stress, and of course your communication skills. For this purpose every applicant whose eligibility as proven and passes through screening methods and an interview will be enrolled.

When to apply
In order to maximize the quality of conditions for both instructor and students, we limit programme enrolment to a specific number. Enrolments to each programme are awarded depending on availability of places.

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