Fashion Designing

We offer unparalleled tailoring services. There are few things in this life finer than a tailor made design. Our levels of tailoring make it simple for you to find your perfect fit, all accompanied by expert advice from our in-store tailoring consultants.

Fashion commands invention, diligence and ingenuity. Prestige within the industry depends on a solid foundation; a predisposition for excellence. Since opening its doors in 2015 Duvessa has offered expertise of distinction. Emphasis is placed on what the fashion industry requires, creating a winning formula. Our international benchmarking practices as well as relationships with industry experts ensure that our customers are celebrates wearing our designs.

Every item of designing apparel undergoes the intricate process of development; from the initial artistry and visionary through to construction and display of the final product. Each step of the process is carefully drafted, the components and details are meticulously and delicately combined for flawless individuality.

The creativity of Duvessa fashion design brings hundreds of styles to life. However, with every lady wanting a unique style, the task of our designers becomes more competitive to ensuring our client standout. As  a popular writer once said “Ideas rule the world”, their is always something new to try.


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